Our transpersonal coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats are designed for those who wish to explore their spirituality, purpose or calling and to learn how to live an authentic and fulfilling life. Transpersonal development moves beyond the scope of career and performance coaching, which focuses on learning how to perform well and be happy in one's profession. The goal here is integration and connectedness with all things, fulfillment, a sense of bliss, and wonder in life.

We guide you through three phases of development to move you towards greater fulfillment and happiness:


awareness into insight

Understanding yourself is critical
to gaining powerful insights.

mastery into authenticity

Effectively ‘mastering’ yourself is necessary
to living authentically.

transformation into bliss

The most powerful mindsets and activities
transform life into bliss.

Engaging in deep personal development is a lifelong pursuit, and we offer a number of offerings to get you started or to deepen an existing practice.

Our Integrated Programs incorporate individual coaching sessions, group workshops, and group retreats to create an enriching experience that combines deep personal work with an opportunity to develop with and through others, while building a community. You may engage in these programs or utilize the coaching sessions or workshops separately. (Retreats are only for those participating in the Integrated Programs.)

Integrated Programs

Integration of individual coaching sessions with workshops and retreats.


Individual coaching sessions within a private setting.


Group programs within a setting of supportive peers.

Ceremony and Ritual

Powerful markers of a special event, time of the year, or season.


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